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Political Campaign Yard Signs Wholesale Pricing - Custom Design

Political Campaign Yard Signs are one of the cheapest and most important forms of election advertising. One well placed political campaign sign on a high traffic road can be seen by several hundred people in just one hour and can be seen 24 hours a day. Several thousand people a day can see this one well placed sign. One campaign sign, at wholesale prices, can impact several thousand people a day.

Sample Political Campaign Yard Sign

Local Election Politcal Campaign Yard Signs

A few well placed campaign yard signs will vastly improve your name and custom message recognition with thousands of people in a community.

For these reasons, political campaign signs are one of the most effective means of advertising, they win elections. We can help you select, design and produce the best type of sign for your compaign at wholesale prices.

Purposes of Campaign Yard Signs

Name identification. If people see your name on a repetitive basis, they soon learn your name and become familiar with it. After becoming familiar with your name, you have a higher recall in their mind, and they become comfortable voting for you. People do not feel comfortable voting for a stranger.

Office Association: A second purpose is to associate your name with the elective office for which your campaign is for. A successful Political Yard Sign will clearly display your Name and the Office you are running for. Notice the campaign yard sign below clearly displays the candidate's name and office.

Custom Political Yard Sign that clearly identified the political office

Give us a call at (321) 253-0424 and let us put our years of experience to work for you!

High quality wholesale political campaign signs from a yard sign advertising specialist! There are several types and styles of yard signs. We offer all of them and our experienced customer service reps can help in the selection and design process.

Corrugated Coroplast (Coroplastic) Campaign Signs

Special Wholesale Prices for Large Quantities

Call us at (321) 253-0424. We offer competitive prices!

Prices for Wire Stands
Size 50 100 250 1,000 5,000
6″ x 24″ (Best Seller & Best Value) $0.88 $0.87 $0.77 $0.61 $0.60
10″ x 24″ $0.79
10″ x 30″ $1.00 $0.90

Beware of cheap quality Chinese made wire stands. Recently America has been flooded with cheap substandard wire stands from China. The quality is inferior and the wire stands easily break. Before you place your order for wire stands anywhere, insist on getting high quality American made wire stands or frames. We CARRY ONLY American made wire stands and frames.

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