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Rubber Jar Opener with your promotional printed logo

Print your custom message on a jar opener for an imprinted personal advertising message that will last for decades. Our promotional printed jar openers have many uses - use to triple your strength!

Magic Grip Jar Opener

For an additional charge, you can add a 1/2" magnet to your jar opener to stick to the refrigerator. Need a larger or smaller size? Just contact us (706) 374-0710 and we can accommodate your needs.

Custom Imprinted Emery Boards - Excellent Advertising for Hair Salons

Custom Imprinted Natural Emery BoardsCustom emery board advertising printed on white (natural) emery boards. One of the cheapest ways to advertise your business!

Our emery boards are made in the USA and come available with a choice of five standard imprint colors.

Emery boards are a great promotional product.

Promotional Custom Printed Emery Boards
Patriotic Campaign Emery Boards
Political Campaign Emery Boards

Campaign or Political Emery Boards are also very popular, especially for Campaigns that Target Women Voters:

Promotional Tote Bags - Inexpensive Prices

At many tradeshows, the most popular and most used item is a bag to put material and samples in!Are you looking for an eco-friendly and long-lasting custom printed promotional product that your customers will reuse time and again? If so, then check out this durable non-woven polypropylene tote bag. At many tradeshows, the most popular and most used item is a bag to put material and samples in!

Order this tote bag in any color of your choice and add a custom design. Give us a call at 706-374-0710 for assistance and a FREE Quote.

Several chains of supermarkets offer reusable bags, often made of cotton, as an alternative to paper or plastic shopping bags. These are often labeled tote bags and sometimes also canvas tote bags to highlight their durability. Many major fashion brands also sell tote bags.

Our Custom Grocery Tote Bags make living "green" easy and simple. These Custom Printed Tote Bags allow you to take the tote bags to the grocery store and use them instead of paper or plastic bags. These Imprinted Tote Bags are reusable, making them eco-friendly.

Tote Bags:

Personalized Custom Printed Lanyards

Our number one selling lanyard is versatile and can be customized to suit your every need. Example of a Flat Polyester Lanyard with Clip Attachment. The Lanyard can be customized and there are several attachments to chose from. Call 706-374-0710 for assistance and a Free Quote.Made of high quality polyester material which lasts and is comfortable to wear. Silk screened expertly to give your organization’s image maximum exposure.

Each Lanyard can be customized and there are several attachments to chose from. Call 706-374-0710 for 
assistance and a Free Quote.Standard custom printed lanyard comes with a choice of 5 attachments included in the price plus a distinctive crimp (premium attachments also available for an additional charge).

Each Lanyard can be customized and there are several premium attachments whioch can be selected instead of the standard attachments. Call 706-374-0710 for assistance and a Free Quote.Add a safety breakaway positioned at the back of the neck (additional charges apply). Another popular addition is the quick release detachable buckle - this enables the user to detach keys or swipe a security card without removing the lanyard.

Give us a call at 706-374-0710 and we will help you select the best size and style, provide assistance in designing your lanyard and give you a Free Quote.

Wooden Rulers and Yardsticks

Customized Wooden Rulers

Custom printed wooden rulers and yardsticks are practical, inexpensive hand outs used to keep your name on your customer's minds every time they use it.

The wood ruler is a popular item to give away for school kids and carpenters. Available in 6 inch and 12 inch sizes. Wooden Rulers.

Yardsticks are very popular with carpenters and home repair advocates. Everytime they are used it will leave a positive impression with your customer. Yardsticks.

Custom Box Cutters

Custom Wholesale Box CuttersBox Cutters and Scrapers, Utility Knives and Snap Blade Cutters with custom imprinted business logos make great advertising gifts.

Other versions include blade cutters and the safety box cutters. Blade Cutters and our best selling Utlity Knife or Large Snap Box Cutters. All useful promotional tools leave a long lasting and positive impression.



Custom Printed Click PensInnovation Click Pen with Touch Screen Stylus

Everyone loves getting a new pen.

Giving a new pen to your customer is a great way for people to remember you with your message printed on a pen.

These click pens are marked at great prices - many of them on sale. Political, Christian, Ministry, Church, or Business Pens.

We custom imprint our pens with your message whether it is Political, Christian, Church, business or event!

Many styles, colors and types to choose from.

Please Call 706-374-0710 For Current Pricing

Hand Fans:

The hand fan is a product that gives a long lasting impression for the months to come!


Custom Lapel Pins:

Promotional Retractable Badge Holder:

Medical Office Products:

Pill Boxes and Holders:

Promotional Color-Changing Mood Products (NEW: Being added call 706-374-0710 for more information)

Color Changing Bracelets   Mood Smart Wallet
Mood Bowls   Mood Spoons
Mood Click Pen Stylus   Mood Stirrer Sticks
Mood Erasers   Mood Straws
Mood Grip Pen   Mood Stress Balls
Mood Ice Scrapers   Promotional Mood Watch Bracelet
Mood Pencils  


Campaign Signs, Yard Signs, Emery Boards and Campaign Buttons

We have discount yard signs made from three different materials and other politcial campaign supplies yard signs

Special Prices for Large Quantities
Contact us to buy special discount large volume prices

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