Promotional flashlights personalized with your imprinted message

Promotional flashlights personalized with your imprinted message are sure to be a great and useful advertising tool. A long lasting positive way to gain name recognition. Brighten your name or business with your name, logo or message custom imprinted on one of our many flashlights. We offer many styles and sizes of not only customized flashlights but many other promotional tools.

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Personalized Mini Flashlight

Mini Flashlight Whistle Key Chain
Item #HP72

Quantity 150 250 500 1000
Price per Whistle/Flashlight 1.09 .90 .73 .61
Sale Price thru 12/31/18 n/a n/a .57 .55

  • Description
    • Safety Whistle/Key Light
    • Red Light
    • Split Ring Attachment
    • Squeeze and Release to Turn On/Off
    • Button Cell Batteries Included
    Black, White, Translucent Ruby Red, Translucent Sage Green, Translucent Indigo Blue or Translucent Purple
    Standard Pad-Print Colors
    2-1/2" W x 1-1/4" H
    1-3/4" W x 3/8" H
    $55.00 for new orders / $30.00 on re-orders.
    Contact us for additional price (2 color imprint maximum)



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