Quality, Economy Fold-over Cardboard Signs

The most economical heavy card board sign on the market

Our signs are made of heavy 24-point poster board coated with a poly weather polycoat resistant finish. Note that our competition has the cheap 18-point polycoat signs that are not as heavyweight and durable as ours. We have a much better quality sign than the competition. Our signs have the 'milk carton plastic finish" on heavy white cardboard for long lasting weather resistant protection. Our card board fold over signs should easily last throughout the length of your political campaign. These card board signs are also known as poly board, poly coat or "milk carton" signs because the material is similar to that used in milk cartons. Screen-printed on white, weather-resistant polycoat poster board, they are easy to assemble.

These signs are folded and stapled over a steel U-shaped wire frame. The frames are $0.75 each. These signs also work well with wooden stakes, available at your local lumber company.

Fold Over Cardboard Sign 22x28

22" x 28"

Prices for Polycoat Signs, Poly Coat

22" x 28" Folds to 14" x 22", 2-sided
Quantity 1 color 2 colors
100 2.91 3.97
250 1.71 2.21
500 1.26 1.55
1,000 1.07 1.27
2,500 0.98 1.16
5,000 Call
Fold Over Signs
Poly Coat Plastic Sign Finish
28" x 30" Folds to 15" x 28", 2-sided
Quantity 1 color 2 colors
100 3.14 4.39
250 1.88 2.52
500 1.60 1.98
1,000 1.42 1.70
2,500 1.29 1.55
5,000 Call
Larger Foldover Card Board Signs - Polycoat

One-sided Sign Posters

These ploy coat sign posters can be mounted on trees or telephone poles or held by spectators at a rally. These are made from heavy-duty 24-point polycoat material. No wire frames are needed.

Sign Posters
14" x 22"
Quantity 1 color 2 colors
100 2.27 3.08
250 1.22 1.70
500 0.84 1.11
1,000 0.66 0.90
2,500 0.61 0.80
5,000 Call Call
11" x 14" or
5.5" x 28"
Quantity 1 color 2 colors
100 1.82 2.45
250 1.13 1.60
500 0.61 0.89
1,000 0.47 0.61
2,500 0.39 0.54

Other costs: Artwork fee: $25
Shipping: Contact us for actual shipping cost.

The artwork fee must be paid before we begin working on the artwork proof. All other costs are due before the signs are printed.

Other costs:

Artwork fee: $25
Wire frames: $0.79 each
Shipping: Contact us for actual shipping cost.

The artwork fee must be paid before we begin working on the artwork proof. All other costs are due before the signs are printed.

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